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Schedule a 4 Pt Insurance Inspection with a Home Inspection in our Central Florida service area and save $50 off the Insurance inspection.  

4 Pt insurance inspections scheduled in Volusia and Seminole Counties are $100. 

Four Point Insurance Inspection is often required when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy, or renewing an existing policy in Florida. The inspection includes a limited scope evaluation of the following four systems:

  • Roof Inspection

  • Electrical Inspection

  • HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & A/C)

  • Plumbing

The focus of the 4-point insurance inspection, is to determine the approximate age, components, and general condition of these systems. A 4PT inspection is NOT a comprehensive home inspection and can take less than an hour to complete. This type of insurance inspection should not be confused with a residential home inspection, which is more comprehensive in detail and scope.

Buyer beware, if your realtor or agent asks you to waive your right to a home inspection or substitute a 4 Pt Inspection.

The insurance company, will typically require that the inspections be performed by suitably licensed and qualified inspector. 4 Pt inspections are performed by Florida State Licensed Home Inspectors.

The Four Point Insurance Inspection was developed after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992. It is performed on behalf of the insurance companies, as a requirement for the insurer offering insurance to the new homeowner.  After the 2004 round of hurricanes in Orlando and Central Florida, the Four Point Insurance Inspection has taken on renewed importance.

Insurance companies see the benefit of the inspection; the program is spreading to other areas of the country. The benefit to the insurance company is reduced loss on homeowner’s insurance policies.  Most Insurance companies require a 4 Pt Inspection on homes 20 - 30 years and older.

The upside to the home owner is, you know what state your 4 main components are in. You can budget for future repair or replacement.
The insurance companies are looking for the four systems to be in generally good working condition, and fulfilling their intended function. In older homes, the insurance companies want to see that the systems have been updated.

A 4-point inspection looks at age and functionality of the roof systems, electrical, HVAC (heating and cooling), and plumbing of the home. Specifically, what is the age of each system, what is the life expectancy, and have any of the systems of the home been upgraded and if so, when. 

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The roof inspection is checking for what type of roof systems are installed, and how many layers there are. The inspector checks to see if there are any visible truss damages; any visible roof leaks; any flashing damage or if there are any missing shingles. The insurance companies want to know the age of the roofing materials and estimated life remaining.

The electrical portion focuses on the main panel. Is it a fused box or breaker panel? Can the panel handle the load of the home? With breakers, what type of panel and breakers are installed (there are panel types with known defects). The type of wiring and grounding, outlets, GFCI outlets within 6 feet of wet locations, and AFCI outlets in bedrooms are checked.

The HVAC or heating and cooling system details the type of system in the home, the age of the system and when any upgrades may have been made.

The plumbing section checks the water pressure in the home, type of water supply, drain lines, and shut off valves. It covers the hot water heater (electric, gas or on demand), and if the TPR valve is present, properly installed and the age of the unit. Have the systems been upgraded and when?

Updated: 01/04/2018

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Now you can put our outstanding reputation for service and reliability to work for you. By contracting First Choice Home Inspections, you benefit from experienced Central Florida home inspectors that deliver computerized reports using the latest technology.

Our reporting system meets and exceeds the state standards. We encourage your presence during the inspection. By being present at the inspection, our professional home inspectors can familiarize you with the home and explain things to you as they progress through the inspection.

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First Choice inspectors are bound to a strict code of ethics; this ensures quality service while providing important protections. For example, our inspectors must:

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  • Do Not Perform Repairs on Any Property Inspected

Our inspectors are AHIT and InterNachi certified, in addition, they are familiar with a wide variety of situations. 

We believe that consumers have the right to expect the highest standards of thoroughness, fairness and effectiveness from their home inspector, and that is exactly what we provide.

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